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Welcome to English Barns

Produced at our sawmill located in the Medieval Pale of the Ashdown Forest, at Heavegate, Crowborough Warren, this area was once famous for its water mills producing timber and flour during the 1840s. These went into decline under the threat of imports and modern steam power and by the 1980s most were lost to bureaucracy and land value.

However, some small, family-owned mills survived. Due to a renewed interest in timber products, Heavegate Sawmill is one of these, owing its success to dedicated craftsmen creating superior timber frames.

Fashioned from locally grown English oak, each building has individual attention paid to it using modern and traditional methods, creating for example, our popular two bay vart barn boasting over fifty mortise and tenon joints, individual tie beams and the benefit of natural character. Its sturdy Deal roof which, packed with rafters, creates a support strong enough for any tile the structure may receive.

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